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article-image-animationSonja has over 20 years of experience in the animation world and is well known for her work as the voice of Arthur's Mother Jane Read in the PBS children's TV series Arthur, Huckle Cat on The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Polly Ester in the English version of Samurai Pizza Cats, Nicole in the Madeline TV specials, and Marina and Hedwig in the English version of Adventures of the Little Mermaid.

She also did the voice for 5 year old Wimzie, the boisterous and happy go lucky bird-dragon, in the children's TV series Wimzie's House, and is the voice of Halloween favorite, Spookely The Square Pumpkin; as well as Pinnochio in the 2004 animated motion picture Pinnochio 3000, and Beanie in the C.B.C. animated  hit show My Goldfish Is Evil as well as voice-overs for video games, talking books and toys for Playskool, Fisher Price, Ubi Soft, TalonSoft, Wowie Productions and more.

Sonja's Music

article-image-singingShe's sung in a variety of bands, opening for greats like Smokey Robinson and Glen Campbell, and had the top 10 Billboard hit, "Can't Live", (J.C.Records/Atlantic Records) under the pseudonym Suzy Q in 1986, which also stayed no.1 in England for a solid month.

Sonja is now lead singer and songwriter, along with her partner Roger Sarazin, for the group Sweetfield. Look for this original Canadian band and their new c.d. release coming 2013!! Great melodic, rootsy/pop feel, kick ass lead vocals, juicy guitar riffs, and sweet harmonies! 
Demo teaser below... 


Title Listen Length
1 Fly Away

1:31 min
2 Breathe

2:32 min
3 Show Me

1:31 min
4 The Happy Song

1:36 min

Unsolicited comments from fans...

" I can't believe how awesome you are! You have the voice of an angel. We so enjoyed the show...we would love to have you back..."
 Laurie Scott / Calistoga Grill & Show Bar Management / Mtl.

" You are a God "
  Joe Triano / Best Selling Author - New York, U.S.A.

" I just love the way you sing Sonja. You're truly amazing. I say that from the bottom of my heart"
David Devine /  Pro Drummer - Mtl., QC.

 "....you are fantastic, awesome, and I want to buy your c.d! "
Kathy Sommerville / Vaudreuil, QC

" LOVE her voice!! "
Monica Grundman / Ontario, CAN

" One of the best songs out there...really love this one." ("Breathe")
Shawn M. / Chateauguay, QC.

" Sonja...OMG that song is good! " ("Fly Away")
Catherine Larose / Rigaud, Q.C.

" Smashing song Sonja! " ("Fly Away")
 Emma Stevens / Rigaud, QC.

" Sonja Ball, this is beautiful! " ("Fly Away")
    Wendy M. / Hudson, QC.

" I think I'm going to wear my computer out playing it..." ("Breathe")
      Lynda Townsend / St. Justin de Newton, QC.

"....It's beautiful! " ("Fly Away")
   Gaby De Silva / Hudson, QC.

About our latest tune, "The Happy Song"...

 "...fantastic! "
Joanne Fagotto /  Ont. CAN.

" Awesome...love it! "
Sue Davis Worth / Ont. CAN.

"...love it! "
Jura Westerman

" Love this tune..."
  Ray Farquhar / MTL. CAN

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